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On occasion, Klugman Enterprises has contracted with hotels to provide Purchasing Services.  For example, if you have a Design Services Contract with a designer and the designer specifies all FF&E, we will gladly act as your purchasing agent.  For a reasonable fee that falls within industry standards, we will follow your designer’s specifications and perform the following:

  • Review the specified FF&E to confirm that it meets brand standards and is applicable for your intended use.
  • Negotiate prices on your behalf to secure the best price available in instances where your property can buy direct from manufacturers.
  • Issue all purchase orders, and make payment and deposit agreements on your behalf.
  • Confirm and negotiate delivery dates to ensure that they meet your installation schedule.
  • Keep you updated on projected delivery dates and notify you of any changes or prospective issues.
  • Communicate with logistics partners to ensure timely delivery.
  • In many instances we will be present upon delivery to help follow proper acceptance procedures to note damage or shortages.  This is important and mishandling this step can cost you time and money. Properly filed claims are processed quicker and easier for all parties.
  • If applicable, we will work with the installation team to have your product inspected and then directed to the proper place, whether it is the guest room or on-site storage.

Contracting with Klugman Enterprises to handle the above tasks and constant follow through required allows you time to run your property.  Your time is valuable, let us help you manage it wisely.  

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