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Important Questions

When selecting your FF&E purchasing partner, it is wise to consider the following:

1. Does the FF&E provider know my property?  Have they walked the property and demonstrated an understanding of the scope of the project?  Will they be available to be on-site as needed throughout the project?

Klugman Enterprises is very “hands on” and will be available to visit your property as needed, from beginning to end.

2. Can the FF&E provider supply multiple references verifying their claims and experience?

We will gladly provide multiple references attesting to our capabilities and reliability.

3. Will manufacturers and mills recommend the FF&E provider?

Again, we will eagerly provide you with references from mills.  They will verify that we send accurate orders and pay our bills promptly.  Klugman Enterprises has sterling credit, thus manufacturers want to do business with us and they are willing to provide us with competitive pricing – which benefits you.

4. How will the FF&E provider save me money?

We evaluate every item to be purchased and get multiple quotes.  Alternate items that meet or exceed brand and/or designer standards are often available and less expensive.  Experienced FF&E providers that know manufacturers’ product lines can search and find the right product at the right price.  It takes experience and diligence, and Klugman Enterprises possess both.

5. Can I trust the FF&E provider?

Please check our references.  They will say that we “shoot straight,” even if it isn’t what you want to hear.  We will look out for your interests and will approach our business relationship as a partnership.  We want to be able to add you to our refrence list.